Craig & Anna Tour Photos - Jan/Feb 2019

Sunset - Fitzroy Beach

Sunset - Fitzroy Beach: Anna

Where did everybody go?!

Where did everybody go?!: Anna

Picture Perfect Bay Of Islands

Picture Perfect Bay Of Islands: Craig


Chilling...: Anna

Prime Real Estate!

Prime Real Estate!: Anna

Making new Friends

Making new Friends: Anna

Tongariro Crossers

Tongariro Crossers: Anna

All that driving makes him tired!

All that driving makes him tired!: Anna

Seal Spotting

Seal Spotting: Anna

Who's hungry?

Who's hungry?: Anna

Looking Out at Peters Lookout.

Looking Out at Peters Lookout.: Anna

Eglington Valley Cricket Match

Eglington Valley Cricket Match: Anna

Captain Craig

Captain Craig: Anna

The Routeburners

The Routeburners: Anna

Excited for Queenstown?

Excited for Queenstown?: Anna

Stick 'em Up

Stick 'em Up: Anna