Routeburn Track 28-30 January 2014 Flying Kiwi Lars van huet hiked the Routeburn over three days in January 2014. He captured this incredible video which says everything about one of New Zealand's premium treks.

Routeburn Track

Hike the Routeburn Track on your Flying Kiwi Tour

Love to get off the beaten track? Want to see some of New Zealand's most spectacular scenery or enjoy hiking? Then we highly recommend making the Routeburn Track part of your NZ adventure tour.

This is an Alpine walk and you will be staying in the Department of Conservation Huts or your own tent in the Milford Sound area. It is 32km in total split over the 2 days, with the majority of the walking on the 2nd day. See for more info about this amazing hike.

If you’d like to hike the famous Routeburn Great Walk, we can drop you off at the start and then you’re on your way! We’ve also put some instructions on how to book the walk below, we recommend doing this as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.  The season for booking opens in April for the following walking season.

  • After you’ve been to the world-famous Milford Sound, we’ll drop you off at the start of the track at the Divide Shelter and you’ll hike to the Routeburn Shelter near Glenorchy.
  • You can book your route and huts, but if you prefer not to use huts you can simply take your tent and camp along the track: 
  • Once you arrive in Glenorchy, you’ll need to book transport from Glenorchy to Queenstown via a third-party provider. You can contact us for recommendations.

Can I do It?

Physical fitness and good equipment will make a difference to your enjoyment of the trip, regardless of the weather.  On this track you will be an independent walker and therefore can expect the following:

  • To carry a pack weighing up to 15kg for up to 20km per day.
  • Parts of the track have a rough and uneven walking surface
  • At least one day's rain while on the track
  • To walk through water up to half a meter deep during or after heavy rain
  • To cross unabridged streams
  • To get wet, muddy boots - it's part of the Routeburn experience

What to take

The Routeburn Track (see PDF brochure) traverses a high alpine area.  The following gear is essential, no matter how warm it is on the day of departure. 


You will need at least one set of clothes to walk in and another set dry set to change into at night. It is not possible to dry clothes in the huts. It is essential that this clothing is carried as your safety and the safety of others depend on it. Please note: cotton clothing such as jeans, t-shirts and sweatshirts are not suitable.  Polypropylene or merino, which is quick drying is recommended. 

  • Boots: need to be comfortable and well broken in
  • Socks: wool/polypropylene - 2 pairs
  • Shorts: wool/polypropylene
  • Shirt: wool/polypropylene
  • Long Johns/trousers: wool/polypropylene
  • Jersey/jacket: wool/polypropylene
  • Undershirts/t-shirt: wool/polypropylene
  • Mittens/Gloves: wool/polypropylene
  • Raincoat: waterproof, windproof with hood
  • Overtrousers wind and waterproof
  • Woollen hat/balaclava, sunhat and sunglasses
  • Extra socks, underwear, short or lightweight jersey

Personal Equipment

  • Pack/Rucksack: with large waterproof/plastic liner 
  • Sleeping Bag  good quality 3+ season
  • Matches/lighter in a waterproof container
  • Torch with spare batteries
  • Toilet gear: toothbrush, soap, toilet paper, small towel
  • First aid kit: insect repellent, sunscreen, blister kits, pain relief, assorted bandages
  • Survival kit: a survival blanket, whistle, paper, pencil, high-energy snack food
  • Drink bottle: 1-2 litres water capacity
  • Optional extras: camera, lightweight shoes, ear plugs for communal bunkrooms (you will be sharing with up to 40 other walkers)   


You will need to purchase food in Te Anau the day before. You will need to carry enough for the entire hike, so bring 2 to 3 days' supply.