Food on Tour

We had awesome food - Thai curry, beef stroganoff, nachos, chicken wraps, BBQs (just to name a few) - dietary requirements were catered for. The kitchen is with you all the time so we cook together and make it a social opportunity - this makes bonding easier.

Exploring the New Zealand Cycle Trail

The New Zealand cycle trail is an exciting network of rides designed to enable you to explore the best parts of NZ by bike.  Our tours unique hop on and off structure give you the chance to explore these exciting new tracks.  You can find out more about how cycling options work on our bike pages

The New Zealand cycle trail consists of 18 rides with a number still in development but many open and ready.  Cycle distances vary and there are plenty of options to suit cyclists of all levels.  There are ride options throughout the country and its possible to take extended breaks from your trip, explore the area and the trails then jump back on with your fellow passengers. For those bringing their own bikes or groups looking to charter their own vehicle there are also heaps of options - just contact us and we will help design the ultimate bike tour.

Combine pedals with adrenalin

New Zealand is the perfect place for pedal power! With a range of rides to suit all levels its the ideal place to get out and active, plus with minimal traffic you will have countless stretches of magnificent scenery to yourself. However, a bike tour does mean some restrictions, as they offer little time to enjoy the enormous range of adventure activities available.  Enter Flying Kiwi. 

The unique tours offered by Flying Kiwi give the chance to combine cyle touring with your choice of adrenalin activities. From skydiving to penguin watching and sailing to bungy there is something for everyone. Everyday you can choose whether you want to take to the bike, try a new activity or combine the two.  It's the ideal way to have fun, get fit and explore one of the World's most stunning natural playgrounds. For more information visit the cycle section of the Flying Kiwi website.

Milford Sound - it can't be missed

If there is one tour that nearly everyone on our bus did, it was the Milford Sound Cruise. It is New Zealand's most famous attraction and we can understand why. Milford Sound offers up some of the most striking landscapes on earth. With Sea Cliffs that rival the Bay of Fundy in Canada and Kalaupapa National Historic Park in Hawaii you are definitely in for a day of feeling surrounded by giants. It is a relaxing afternoon and the perfect chance to absorb one of natures greatest wonders.

Flying Kiwi is a great tour for people with a lot of energy and the Milford Sound, Te Anau portion of the trip gives the passenger just the right amount of time to recharge their batteries. Most days of the year, Milford Sound is rainy and overcast, but luck was on our side today. We had sunshine and almost balmy weather. There were times on the boat that we actually took our jackets off for a time to bask in the sun. One of the most famous aspects of the Sound are the waterfalls.

Normally they are out in full force on rainy days and that is usually what most people miss when visiting on a sunny day, but because it had rained for 6-days straight before our visit to Milford Sound, we had the best of both worlds. Waterfalls fell in full force into the bay as the sun sparkled in their dancing drops.  If there is one thing that you cannot miss when visiting New Zealand, it is a boat tour of Milford Sound. If you don't go it would be like going to Egypt without visiting the is really something that must be done!

More about new Zealand

New Zealand - An overview Aotearoa is the Maori name for New Zealand, meaning the Land of the Long White Cloud. It is the most magical country to enjoy a walking holiday; no other place on earth offers such a varied landscape, climate, flora and fauna, no wonder it was chosen as the setting for the "Lord of the Rings" films.

Almost a quarter of the land mass is made up of conservation areas: it has 14 National Parks, as well as the 3 UNESCO World Heritage Areas. There are thousands of tracks maintained by The Department of Conservation. From tropical beaches to lush green forests, stunning mountains, fjords, glaciers, waterfalls, lakes and volcanoes, there are many destinations to tempt walkers of all abilities. Accommodation is plentiful, with numerous award winning campsites, cabins, lodges and hotels. The New Zealand climate is complex and varied, ranging from a cool temperate climate in the far south, to subtropical in the far north. There are small temperature differences between the seasons: January and February are the warmest months, July is the coldest. Extreme alpine conditions can be experienced in the mountains.

The West Coast of the South Island is the wettest region but just over the mountains is the driest. Despite being a top holiday destination, it is still possible to walk for days without coming across any other people. No need to worry about snakes, or anything poisonous or dangerous; hiking or tramping as it is called in New Zealand, is a healthy holiday choice for the mind, body and spirit. Rotorua is heart of New Zealand’s North Island, with a varied landscape composed of farms, vineyards, trout-filled lakes, snow-capped volcanoes, and mud pools and spurting geysers. At Hell's Gate you can relax in the mineral rich waters and enjoy a mud bath, an invigorating beauty treatment with health giving properties.

Further north you can explore the Coromandel with its amazing beaches and Kauri forests and enjoy other activities like white water rafting, kayaking and snorkeling. The Tongariro National Park has 3 volcanoes: Mount Ngauruhoe, Mount Ruapehu and Mount Tongariro, a rain forest near Lake Taupo and grass lands. With 56 species of birds, some extremely rare, it is a twitcher's delight. The South Island also has much to offer walking and hiking enthusiasts: the Kaikoura Wilderness and the Puhi Nature Reserve are a haven for rare native species of plants and animals. The manuka, beech and fern forests and alpine meadows will delight all nature lovers. Mountains, glaciers and lakes abound, the choice of destinations is endless: there is something to attract people with all kinds of interests and fitness levels.

New Zealand - a visual paradise

New Zealand is stunning, spectacular, jaw dropping, inspiring, beautiful, natural and accessible. The variety and beauty of unique landscapes is only properly appreciated when you visit.  However, photographers of all levels enjoy their shots at representing its' amazing beauty.  You don't have to be a professional photographer but the you take images wouldn't look out of place on a gallery wall. So what are you waiting for - get here, get exploring and experience this stunning country for yourself. 

New Zealand is officially "the best place to travel"

New Zealand is spectacular and everyone who visits falls in love with its stunning natural beauty. However, being immersed in these wonderful landscapes we are a little biased. :)  To help add some perspective we have called in the views of top travel industry professionals from around the globe. The following highlights just a few of the great travel awards New Zealand has received over the last couple of years (we should also point out this doesn't include the upcoming rugby world cup triumph!!).  We know New Zealand is amazing but don't just take our word for it, see what the professionals say: 

2011 Travel Awards
- New Zealand top international destination in CNNs best destinations on Earth - read more 2010 Travel Awards - New Zealand rated 'Best Tourism Country Outside Europe' in Danish travel awards for Stand By magazine - British Lonely Planet readers rated New Zealand as their top place they'd 'happily stay for ever in...' - read more - Prestigious Condé Nast magazine readers put New Zealand among their top-five favourite holiday destinations - Travel bible Wanderlust listed New Zealand in its top 3 most satisfying holiday destinations 2009 Travel Awards - Lonely Planet staff listed New Zealand as one of the "Top 10 countries to visit" - Voted favourite long haul destination in Britain's Guardian and Observer newspapers - Flying Kiwi rated as one of the "Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth" by esteemed publication, National Geographic So what are you waiting for....come and visit the youngest country on Earth and enjoy this outdoor paradise.

Flying Kiwi Photo Competition is up and running

Flying Kiwi Photo Competition is up and running It's amazing how a holiday brings out the photographer in all of us - once again Flying Kiwi are giving passengers the chance to embrace their snappy skills. This season we will be offering a range of great prizes including a shiny new mountian bike ideal for hitting the tracks and roads + 5 great travel packs rammed with all the essential travel gear. To enter just visit the competion page on facebook[] or check our website specials page[new-zealand-tours/tour-specials/] for more information. We can't wait to see the latest entries.  Winners will be announced, celebrated and showered with gifts in May 2011.

Flying Kiwi Travel and Tour Blog goes live..

Flying Kiwi Travel and Tour Blog goes live.. Flying Kiwi have launched a new blog relating to all things travel and adventure in New Zealand. The blog is an extension of their extremely popular newsletter and will provide a more regular update for those in the travel industry and those looking to travel. The blog will cover: *Flying Kiwi Adventure tours* - the latest news and views on everything to do with planet Flying Kiwi *New Zealand Adventure Travel - *the latest on NZ's best activities from sailing to skydiving and beyond *New Zealand Bike Tours* - updates and tips on cycling and biking around New Zealand *New Zealand Hiking Trips* - everything you need to know about hiking NZ's wonderful landscapes *Adventure Tours and Travel *- updates and news from our adventure partners around the globe *New Zealand* - General updates from the land of the long white cloud We are looking forward to sharing our news with your views over the coming years and feel free to contribute whenever possible. Happy reading from your new blog buddy Flying Kiwi