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Kaikoura - Tour Highlights

Welcome to one of the most beautiful spots in the East Coast. After the 2016 earthquake the township was completely cut off as significant damage to access roads caused closures for many months, but fortunately we can get there again and we're so happy that Kaikoura is once again open!

Many of our trips pass through the Kaikoura region and enjoy the amazing wildlife often viewed with a stunning mountain backdrop reaching right to the coast. For those joining a tour passing through Kaikoura heres a taste of what you will be up to.

There aren’t many places in the world that can boast of such natural wonders as those offered by land and sea in Kaikoura. Located on a rocky peninsula, projected from lush farmland just beneath the Southern Alps, Kaikoura is the site of New Zealand’s iconic whale-watching and also home to a plethora of marine wildlife including dolphins, seals and an abundance of bird life.

It gains its name from Maori heritage; ‘Kaikoura’ literally translating to ‘eat (kai) crayfish (koura) due to the thriving population of rock lobster along the coast that initially attracted Maori settlement over 900 years ago. Too bad if your taste buds aren’t tantalized by the thought of this delicacy and if you haven't had the honor of tasting crayfish before - you’re in for a treat! The remains of several ancient Maori settlement or ‘pa’ sites can be viewed along the famous peninsula walk. They add to the area’s rich history and Maori heritage, more of which can be learnt more about just by taking a stroll down the main street of town where numerous galleries and cafes also service the curious.


Things not to miss:

If you like nature, and more specifically the sea and the wildlife, a must is one of the many water based activities on offer in the area from kayaking tours to swimming with the Dolphins.

Eat some seafood! Here it is fresh and abundant. Kaikoura literally means ‘to eat crayfish’ and you will find caravans selling this delicacy all along the coastline.

Things to do:

The Kaikoura Museum offers you an exhibition that shows the history of the area. It’s a good way to find out what happened in the areas history.

Free Things to Do:

Head to Point Kean to see New Zealand fur seals.

seal on kaikoura peninsula walkway gallery

Insiders Tip:

Kaikoura is on the East Coast so you'll be spoilt with some of the best sunrises in the country. They're worth getting up early for. Make yourself a cup of coffee and take it over to the beach and enjoy the show.



Hiking Options:

The Kaikoura Peninsula Walkway - is an absolute must! 1.5 hours each way of incredible coastal and Kaikoura ranges outlook as well as seeing New Zealand Fur Seals on either side. Plenty of photo opportunity as you go from one side of Kaikoura bay to the other, it's a great walk with expansive views.

Our pick of Kaikoura's Top Activities:


Whale Watching by Boat

3.5hrs onboard a modern catamaran featuring outside decks for great viewing. Spacious air-conditioned interior with comfortable seating. 95% success rate of seeing whales.

  Encounter Kaikoura BoatDolphins 800x600

Swim with the Dolphins or Dolphin Viewing

Highly Recommended! Swim and interact with the amazing wild dusky dolphins of Kaikoura or observe their incredible acrobatics from the comfort of the boat. Wetsuit, snorkel, mask & fins included. Swimmers must be confident in open water. Hot chocolate & cookies included.

 Whale Watch

Wings Over Whales

Experience Kaikoura's mighty Sperm whale, playful Dusky Dolphins & majestic scenery from the comfort of a high winged aircraft during a 30 minute whale watching flight. Includes airport transfer from Kaikoura township.