Milford Sound

Milford Sound

Many of our trips pass through the Milford Sound region and enjoy one of New Zealand's finest natural wonders. For those joining a tour passing through Milford Sound here's a taste of what you will be up to.

About the Milford Sound area:

Pretty crazy to imagine a European Settler sailed in and by accident, discovered Milford Sound. At that stage, there was no road access or walking tracks like there is today. In fact, to make Milford accessible, Donald Sutherland had to commission workers to literally dig through a solid granite rock mountain range in order to make a road through. He knew this place was special and was determined to bring people in to enjoy it. 

Milford is situated in our largest and possibly most dynamic National Parks in New Zealand. Fiordland National Park is over 1.2 million hectares of pure nature. Not only does it boast three “Great Walks” (Routeburn Walk is one of them), it is also proud to have Milford Sound which draws over a million visitors here per year. Why do they come? Well the sheer enormity of the scenery Milford provides. Milford Sound thousands of years ago was once permanently ice however, it is now a peace of paradise, isolated and packed with nature. The drive alone is awesome. Imagine driving into a place so remote, that you had to drive through a mountain range, watching waterfalls cascade off towering sheer cliff faces, Milford really is, a special place.

A lot of New Zealanders dream of coming to see Milford Sound however, it is pretty remote and therefore, often they don’t make the time to drive to the bottom of the South Island to see it.

Weather wise, Fiordland National Park has the highest recorded rainfall, approximately 7 metres on average per year. This is why the park is so dynamic with over 700 different species of plants as wells the wildlife that love to call this place home. Keep an eye out for the world’s only Alpine Parrot, the cheeky yet beautiful Kea (it is a very inquisitive bird and doesn’t mind posing for a photo). Rain or shine, this place will not disappoint!

Optional activities:

  • Milford Sound boat cruise

Walk options:

In addition to being able to walk some excellent short hikes around the sound there is also the chance for the keen to try and amazing Routeburn Track.

Cycle options:

Some beautiful bike options past waterfalls and gorges.