This part of  the trip enjoys the Queenstown region and much, much more. Today is a last chance to throw yourself off a bridge before we head towads Wanaka. There’s the chance again to try any of the great Queenstown buzzes in the morning then after lunch we head towards Wanaka with a couple of excellent bike ride opportunities on the way. 

About the Queenstown area:

Wanaka is located on the southern shores of Lake Wanaka, in west Otago, north of Queenstown. Hemmed in by the Southern Alps, Wanaka is Otago's second resort after Queenstown. The crystal-clear waters of New Zealand's fourthlargest lake reflect the snow-capped peaks of the Mt Aspiring National Park World Heritage Area, whose dominant feature is Mt Aspiring, towering above a magnificent glacier-sculpted wilderness. The highlight of the attractions at Wanaka is the New Zealand Fighter Pilots Museum at Skyshow Centre, with the largest collection of airworthy World War Two fighters in the Southern Hemisphere. These 'old warbirds' take to the skies every other Easter, attracting admirers from far and wide. Mt Aspiring National Park is renowned for fishing, climbing and hiking, including possibly the best collection of half-day walks in the country. The areas around Glenorchy have been a part of Maori history since before the steam ships brought men and industry upon the lush shores. The somewhat unexplainable geological phenomenon of the rising and falling of the lake is explained by the Maori in a Legend. They say that once a woman was kidnapped by a giant, and upon the rescue of this maid the giant was set ablaze. He fell and the lake was formed. His heart still beats, however, and as it does, the lake waters rise and fall like the tides. (content from glenorchy.com)

Optional activities:

  • More than we can list here - think of it and you can probably do it in Queenstown during the morning.

Walk options:

Some great short walks around the region, and from the campsite.

Cycle options:

Free day in Queenstown to check out the rides around the beautiful lake area.