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  • New Zealand's top 6 photography locations

New Zealand's top 6 photography locations

New Zealand's top 6 photography locations

Capturing the right moment Photo taken by: (Flying Kiwi Traveller)

New Zealand's top 6 photography locations

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New Zealand is a visual paradise and the endless supply of stunning shots inspire countless visitors, but where are the best photos taken? Whilst we can't cover every spot (and there are many hidden treasures we can't share here - you'll have to join a Flying Kiwi tour to discover those!) here are our top 6 tips to create your own portfolio of inspirational New Zealand pictures.

You don't need to be a professional to take amazing pictures in New Zealand!

lake tekapo2


Lake Tekapo is an stunning turquoise lake is perfectly framed by the Southern Alps. It's stunning turquoise color comes from fine glacial rock-flour which is present in the water. This lake lies in the heart of the Mackenzie Country, in New Zealand's central South Island.

TOP TIP: take a shot walk away from the main tourist centre to get your own perspective and solitude by this magnificent lake.

stars nz


Crystal clear night skies are commonplace in New Zealand but the summer and autumn months (November > April) are when visibility is best. Make sure to get out when its dark and experience the unique Southern Cross, Magellanic Clouds and satellite galaxies to the Milky Way which are only visible in the southern hemisphere.

Learn more about how to photograph the Milky Way here.

TOP TIP: invest in a small, travel tripod to give you the best chance of capturing the night skies. 

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If you love wildlife and water than head to Kaikoura. Here the unique combination of wildlife (dolphins, whales, seals, albatross and more) combine perfectly with the Pacific Ocean and mountains for inspiring images of wildlife with dramatic backdrops.

Forget about lions and leopards and go for a Water Safari in New Zealand. 

TOP TIP: the early morning boat trips tend to have the calmest oceans and breathtaking sunrises.



Whilst Queenstown is well recognized as one of the busier areas of New Zealand it also provides photographers with a great deal of variety. Here you can capture the adrenaline of New Zealand with countless "models" throwing themselves off bridges and platforms. Mix this with a spectacular alpine setting and you're guaranteed of some shots to inspire and amaze!

Check out our top 5 adrenaline activities that you must try while on tour and the food places you can't miss in Queenstown!

TOP TIP: jump on the Gondola for an easy way to gain dramatic views.

glacer hiking


The glaciers of New Zealand are some of the most accessible in the World. There are a few to choose from but most are found around the Southern Alps in the South Island. They are home to some of the most stunning "ice architecture" and the combination of colors, formations and backdrop will inspire the creative photographer in everyone.

During tour we visit Fox Glacier and Franz Josef Glacier who are situated on the West Coast of the South Island in New Zealand. 

TOP TIP: although it costs a little more investing in a Heli-hike experience will get you to the most pristine ice.

abel tasman national park


Narrowing it down to a few choices is very hard! But as we have given you wildlife, adrenaline, mountains and night skies we needed to add beaches. For the perfect beach shot you can't beat New Zealand's only coastal national park. Sat on the doorstep of the Flying Kiwi offices we love the golden beaches of Abel Tasman and the crystal clear waters and dense tree lined tracks provide the perfect backdrop for a shot to match any tropical island.

Check out this blog post about Canyoning, one of the many optional activities you can try in Abel Tasman.

TOP TIP: try and allocate a bit more time to explore the park - if you don't need to rush there is every chance you'll find your own private, secluded bay.