Benefits of Small Group Travel 

Here at Flying Kiwi we are all about you, the traveller.  Small group travel makes things easy and allows you to maximise the time you have in our beautiful country.  Instead of worrying about what to eat, which town to visit, which road to take, you can focus on what really matters - you and your trip of a lifetime.

We believe we are one of the best at small group travel as we ensure the perfect balance between planned activities and 'your time'.   It's your adventure after all and while we do have an itinerary, there are always opportunities for you and us to make it more about you and less about us.

Every year we look through your feedback and make little changes to give you the best we can, sharing with you the best of New Zealand.   After all we have been around for 30 years so we must be doing something right.    From our local and 'sometimes international local' guides, brand new buses, unique accommodation locations and delicious recipes, years of experience has gone into researching the best for you - this saves you time and energy to focus on you and your adventure.

With Flying Kiwi you are travelling with similar interests.   Those who want to see the real New Zealand, enjoy the outdoors, love nature, sunsets, sunrises, hikes and being like-minded you will get to know your fellow travellers and form lasting friendships with people from all over the World and wonderful memories never to be forgotten.

We give you packing tips, money tips, insurance tips and many more tips before you travel with us so when you get onboard you are prepared for the adventure that awaits you. 

And to top it off our fantastic guides are not paid commission for any of the optional activities you may choose, so what they suggest is because they truely believe it is an activity you would not want to miss out on and well worth the experience.  Flying Kiwi opts where possible to use locally owned businesses for our activities, and ensure they have the New Zealand Qualmark tick (safety comes first), and therefore you know your hard earned money is going back into the local economy while having the surety of knowing everything has been done to ensure your safety.

Take a look through our photos, or browse through our website and when you see our chat function come up have a chat to us with any questions you have.  We look forward to showing you the real New Zealand and helping you make amazing memories.