Genna & Tim/Charlene Tour Photos - Dec/Jan 2019

Early Morning Mission - Tihoranga Track

Early Morning Mission - Tihoranga Track: Tim

Peter's Lookout Perfection

Peter's Lookout Perfection: Tim

Eglington Fry Up

Eglington Fry Up: Tim

Moeraki Moods

Moeraki Moods: Tim

Ready to conquer the Routeburn

Ready to conquer the Routeburn: Tim

Moody Milford

Moody Milford: Tim


Stunning!: Tim

Kaikoura Beach Life

Kaikoura Beach Life: Tim

Tekapo Camp

Tekapo Camp: Tim

Moeraki Boulder Hop

Moeraki Boulder Hop: Tim

The Dinosaur Egg Coast

The Dinosaur Egg Coast: Tim

The "Eggs"

The "Eggs": Tim

Dunedin Troublemakers!

Dunedin Troublemakers!: Tim

Picton Views

Picton Views: Tim

Baldwin Street Steeps

Baldwin Street Steeps: Tim

This Pair.....!

This Pair.....!: Tim

Classic NZ

Classic NZ: Tim


Don't......Let.....Go!!!!: Tim

Dinner Time

Dinner Time: Tim

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!: Tim