new zealand tours - food

Tasty and healthy meals on your tour 

On our active adventure tours we understand the importance and value of a good meal. We cater for all diets and meals are a great social occasion, sharing stories from your days adventures and planning the next days.

It's a welcome change from many backpackers diets of super noodles and tuna and ensures your fuelled and ready to make the most of your time in New Zealand.

Eating with Flying Kiwi is one of the biggest differences between us and a backpacker bus and here's why:

We do all the shopping. 

We will shop fresh almost everyday so nothing to worry about for you - just tell us any of your dietary requirements and the guides will look after the rest. Easy

More meals than other tours. 

Check your itinerary for details as there are a couple of places we just can't set up the kitchen but generally everyday you will be enjoying 3 delicious meals and if not we will dine together with the locals - always a unique experience!

Tasty and healthy meals. 

Our guides aren't Gordon Ramsay (they don't throw tantrums for a start) but they have got a plethora of fantastic meals, menus and surprises up their sleeves. Whether its our famous spag bol, fresh fish, a BBQ or homemade pancakes you will never go hungry with Flying Kiwi.

Escape the world of super noodles and missing milk! 

We all know what its like when travelling and on a budget and cooking in hostels - treks to the supermarket, a queue for the wok and a fridge that seems to eat your food before you do! With Flying Kiwi we don't have these worries - the food is always there, it's ready to eat and most nights you don't even have to cook!

Rota style cooking.

Evening meals are prepared on a relaxed and informal rota system. Your great guides will lead things but every 4 or so nights you will be with a team of other budding chefs preparing some great feasts for your fellow travellers - generally one person chops, another looks after veges, another cooks and someone needs to check the wine!!!

Dinner with a view.

You will enjoy meals in some of the most spectacular settings. We often set up to dine by lakes, mountains and coasts while you sit, relax and absorb the kind of views you'd expect in a $100 a night restaurant!!