Many of our trips pass through the Rotorua region and enjoy genuine Maori culture and some thermal wonders.. For those joining a tour passing through Rotorua heres a taste of what you will be up to.

About the Rotorua area:

Situated in the heart of New Zealand’s geothermal volcanic country, Rotorua is so incredibly rich in geothermal activity and culture that it is definitely worthwhile visiting. You will marvel at steamy vents on the roadside, the intense smell of sulphur, see bubbling mud pools and geysers and learn a bit more about our unique culture. There is simply no other city in New Zealand this dynamic as Rotorua. But wait.. there’s more!

Rotorua boasts a world class mountain bike park that is free for all users and has dozens of excellent trails to suit any level from beginners to ‘hard-outs’. For those interested in a more sedate experience there are plenty of naturally heated hot pools; seems pretty appropriate when visiting such a unique city famous for it’s geothermal activity!

Optional activities:

  • Polynesian Spa Pools
  • Zip lining canopy tours
  • Gondola and Luge
  • Tamaki Maori culture performance
  • Zorb (a sport in which one is secured inside a large transparent ball which is then rolled along the ground or down hills)

Walk options:

There’s a great wee walking trail that circles the town and lakefront of Rotorua. It’s packed full of interesting geothermal features, the government gardens as well as Rotorua’s nature and heritage trail on the lakefront where black swans inhabit. This is a perfect and well marked trail for those who want to learn more about this incredible city by foot and will easily use up an afternoon in Rotorua.

Cycle options:

Redwoods mountain bike forest - pick any trail that appeals and do as little or as much as you like. Fantastic and interesting trails with lots of variety throughout the forest. (allow 1-3hrs)

The Te Ara Ahi Cycle Trail is another option targeted toward those more interested in a leisurely ride that also visits geothermal and cultural features. Perfect for those not doing any optional activities on this day.