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If you have a fantastic blog or website, prepare for take-off with our Flying Kiwi travel affiliate program. It’s a great way to create an easy additional revenue stream and monetise your site. And best of all, you’ll know that your visitors and followers will have an unbelievable trip to New Zealand with Flying Kiwi. If you love to share travel and adventure opportunities with your followers, then the Flying Kiwi affiliate platform is for you.

So much more than a bus tour, it’s an adventure tour

Flying Kiwi is way more than a bus tour around New Zealand. It’s the trip of a lifetime with a chance to get off the tourist trail and discover the real New Zealand. Every New Zealand adventure tour includes loads of camping in amazing locations – by lakes, oceans, rivers and mountains. Each tour is packed with activities like hiking, cycling and other activities like cruising the Milford Sound, the world’s best one-day walk, the Tongariro Crossing and of course, bungy jumping in Queenstown.

On top of that, Flying Kiwi is one of National Geographic’s top-rated tours, we also have a licence from The Department of Conservation that enables us and our travellers to visit and stay in places that other tours just can’t get to. You’ll also discover more of New Zealand’s breathtaking National Parks too. Compare our tours and see why Flying Kiwi is different from any of the other bus tour operators in New Zealand! We offer both North Island adventure tours and South Island adventure tours.

Who can join our travel affiliate program?

If you have a blog, website, YouTube channel or online magazine with visitors and followers who love to travel, enjoy the great outdoors and have a sense of fun and adventure, we would love you to join us. If your fans love to experience amazing new destinations and experiences, the Flying Kiwi travel affiliate marketing program will be really successful for you.

Our philosophy is real simple: if your fans love the outdoors, love adventure, want to travel "beyond the tourist trail" and your content is unique and revolves around these travel values you are more than welcome to join our travel affiliate program.

Why join our travel affiliate program?

There are so many reasons to hop on board our travel affiliate marketing program, but the most important one is the rewarding commission percentage. We have a really easy commission level of 10% of the value of each booking or booking request.

It is the easiest way to monetise your content about travelling in New Zealand, especially if your focus is on transport like bus tours. Flying Kiwi offers tours that are completely different from what other bus tour operators offer. We really take customers off the beaten path… So far off the beaten path into stunning scenery that you can’t see the path anymore. Welcome to Aotearoa.

Experience amazing views from the campsite on a Flying Kiwi tour

Experience amazing views from the campsite on a Flying Kiwi tour

How to join the Flying Kiwi affiliate marketing program

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