New Zealand adventure activities, cycling and hikes

Active Travelling

Flying Kiwi trips are perfect for the more active traveller. In addition to the daily hike and cycle options we indulge in a heap of fantastic optional activities. There's a few things that make our activities different from the other operators and we have even managed to put them in a short and tidy list:

How Does it Work

Optional hiking and cycling most days - We carry bikes on board so you can cycle the distances you choose and there are a great range of hikes from short walks to 3 day treks.

Free activities - There are a number of free activity options you can enjoy on your trip + some activities are included in your trip price (including Hot pools & water slides, Bushman’s museum, gondola ride, wine tasting.  See your specific trip for details.

A huge selection of optional activities - New Zealand is rightly considered the adventure capital of the World and we know why. We have tested, tried and tested again (because it's so much fun) all the best activities from sailing to glacier hiking and you can pick and choose those you would like to try everyday.

No pressure to participate - We understand that bungy and skydive isn't for everyone. Subsequently, we always ensure there are alternatives and free activities available so you can choose how to spend your day.

Discounted rates - Travelling in a group is a great way of saving money. Not only does this mean your trip is great value but many optional activities are also discounted when you give them a go with your new mates.

Cultural experiences and local operators - as a kiwi owned and operated company we take time and effort to ensure we use local operators who reflect our values on sustainability and community. We also provide numerous opportunities to interact and learn about the Maori culture and people.


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