Mount Cook

Mount Cook

Many of our trips pass through the Mount Cook region and enjoy the stunning alpine settings around New Zealand's largest mountain. For those joining a tour passing through Mount cook here's a taste of what you will be up to.

About the Mount Cook area:

Wake up at our wilderness camp at Lake Pukaki and on a clear day, you’ll be captivated with Mount Cook standing high, piercing the clouds in the distance. Mount Cook/ Aoraki (meaning cloud piercer) is our highest mountain in New Zealand and, due to the movement of our tectonic plates it’s growing every year, currently around 3,750 metres high.

We enjoy the morning drive into Mt Cook National Park to Hooker Valley where a rewarding and scenic walk awaits. Hooker Valley Walk is achievable for all and has brilliant alpine scenery, including sights of a glacier! The highlight is definitely the viewing platform where you can see a glacier lake, the face of Mt Cook and the Southern Alps - People in fact are so impressed that often there’s an air of silence.

One third of this National Park is permanently covered in snow with virtually zero flat flat - makes it actually a pretty epic place for climbers from all over the world to base themselves at. It’s common to hear snowfall or avalanches while walking this trail but don’t worry, these are often echos from a snow fall higher up in the park.

Walk options:

Hooker Valley Track 3 hours return

Cycle options:

If you're up for the challenge of a long ride, you will not be disappointed with the scenery this 50-60km road ride offers!