Dolphin Swimming in New Zealand

Captured after their swim with a pod of 200 happy dolphins! Photo taken by: Emily Gillingham (Flying Kiwi Traveller)

Dolphin Swimming in New Zealand

Nothing can quite match the feeling you get when dolphin swimming and the bond you will enjoy when taking this unique opportunity to swim with dolphins in the wild. The activity is available commercially in Kaikoura but these friendly characters are no strangers to the kiwi coasts and can be spotted at numerous locations. Operators place a strong focus on the environmental impact of this activity and take care to ensure swimmers don't interfere or negatively affect the dolphins natural environment. In Kaikoura you are most likely to spot the playful dusky dolphins who can frequently be seen in pods reaching the hundreds.

It is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and you will often find the dolphins will come back to you repeatedly to check you out. If your not keen on dipping in the water then there's great entertainment to be had from the boat watching their acrobatic flips and jumps - better than this is usually listening to swimmers attempts to communicate with the dolphins using their own series of clicks and shrieks amplified up the snorkel!

Wetsuits and snorkel gear is provided on these trips so all you need is a towel, sunblock and an underwater camera if you have one!

Dolphin Swimming in the South Island - Kaikoura

We highly recommend reserving your place on this option in advance as its extremely popular and highly regarded as the best way to interact with dolphins in the wild. 

Costs from $230