New Zealand Maori Culture

Rotorua Cultural Show Photo taken by: Emily Gillingham (Flying Kiwi Traveller)

New Zealand Maori Culture

You have two options for a taster of NZ Maori culture and both are in the North Island, the Bay of Islands and Rotorua.

The Tamaki Cultural Evening in Rotorua comes highly recommended. Journey to an authentic Maori village nestled in Rotorua forest and be formally welcomed into the sacred grounds, where amidst crackling village fires you will discover Maori art forms, ancient rituals and Maori traditions. Share in thrilling song and dance, and then enjoy a 3 course meal with your Maori hosts.

Tamaki is perfect for those wanting an great insight into the traditional and modern Maori culture. The staff here are very interactive and will want to you to participate in at least one activity while you are there. Prepare to feel the hair stand up on the back of your neck as you are welcomed onto the grounds with a traditional intimidating welcome. Savour the tastes of your three course meal which has been cooked underground in the form of a Hangi. Be engaged as you partake and learn in traditional Maori lessons and enjoy listening to the beautiful music they will perform.

If you miss out on Rotorua, make sure you visit the Waitangi grounds in the Bay of Islands. Historical as well as cultural, this is the birth place of our New Zealand treaty whereby the British Crown and Maori chiefs were to come to an understanding in 1840. Learn about our history here as well as see a Maori culture performance including our iconic performance, the Haka. 

Te Pa Tu Cultural Evening - $249