New Zealand Maori Culture

Rotorua Cultural Experience Photo taken by: (Flying Kiwi Traveller)

New Zealand Maori Culture

You can have a taster of NZ Maori culture in Rotorua, the North Island.

Embrace our History and Culture:

Watch our stories unfold through the dynamic scenes of our warriors paddling down Wai-o-Whiro stream, the melodious sounds of our instruments and entertainment from our performers sharing the haka or war dance to poi dances and more. We will invite you to walk through our ngahere (forest) to see the ancient, fortified village learning the old ways of living and survival of our people. Discover the natural resource Te Puna a Tuhoe, our sacred freshwater spring. The evening is not over until you glimpse the glow worms light up the banks of forest as the veil of darkness engulfs the forest.

Buffet, the delicious tempting traditional hangi food of the Great Ocean of Kiwa:

Your hāngī earth oven kai (food) includes meat, chicken, kumara and much more. The hāngī is cooked in an earth-oven, a hole 1-2m into the ground, the baskets of kai are placed on hot stones at the bottom of a hāngī pit. The kai is then covered to trap the heat, the steam and heat from heated hāngī stones infuses the kai with delicious earthy flavours while it cooks for 3-4 hours. Come and try out the delicious tempting food of the Great Ocean of Kiwa.

Mitai Maori Cultural Experience & Dinner Buffet - $129