Sailing Options in New Zealand

Sailing in the Bay of Islands Photo taken by: Joe CG (Flying Kiwi Traveller)

Sailing in New Zealand

For those who want to feel the wind in their hair, be outside, see great nature and simply lift the feet up and relax.... here a few sailing options in New Zealand.

We have two options to sail while on tour. One is in the Bay of Islands and the other, Abel Tasman National Park. Both sailing experiences will offer stunning vistas of coastal New Zealand as well as any feeling of potential worries dissolving when you are lying and relaxing on a yacht feeling the sea roll under you. There's just something about a sail, sun and water that makes a holiday ooze tranquility and enjoyment.

Bay of Islands - Sailing $97

This activity comes highly recommended from probably any Flying Kiwi passenger who has experienced it and definitely all our guides who have worked for us. Sailing with Dave is more than just a sail. You will be sailing around the Bay of Islands however, stopping at an island (of Dave's choice - he has a few favorites up his sleeve) for a delicious gourmet roll and copious photo opportunities. Either use his see through bottom kayaks, snorkel in the clear sea or take a walk up the mountain on the island for 360 degree views of pure goodness. I probably should mention the sailing (as this is the main feature) - You don't have to be an experienced yachtsman to take control of the wheel! The skipper Dave only will take small groups so all passengers can give a try to sailing if they want to (and you'll want to because it's pretty fun when the wind picks up). If you don't want to sail, just simply kick back, relax, read a book or just enjoy the company and beautiful views!

Abel Tasman - Sailing $169

For those that simply want to go into Abel Tasman National Park, see nature, beautiful views and simply lay down and feel the sun and ocean breeze, this sailing is definitely for you! This is pure relaxation on a catamaran sail which means you can even lay down on the netting and simply watch the world go by! This one is not as hands on as the Bay Of Islands however, it will take you to a part of the Abel Tasman where you can walk off the yacht and lay on the beach or go for a swim. It also sails you past some pretty special spots including the iconic "Split Apple Rock" as well as a seal colony! Make sure you pack some delicious snacks/ lunch as well as a book so you can maximize on chilling out and watch someone else do all the sailing work for you!