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I never knew a tour bus filled with a variety of different people from different countries /age ranges/personalities could be so much fun. I have learnt snippets of German/Spanish/Kiwi and can now make amazing pancakes. The tour leaders were amazing and I'll miss my time on the Flying Kiwi bus. Thank you :-)

, travelled on

Amazing country. Great group of people. Great trip. Excellent leader/guide.

, travelled Grand Traverse - Auckland to Queenstown tour on

The kitchen is with you all the time and we cook together and make it a social opportunity. This makes bonding easier.

, travelled on

This is the trip for people who want adventure, friendship, laughter and exhaustion! The best trip I could have wished for.

, travelled on

Well, where shall I start? I really had the best 8 days in the North Island that's for sure! I really enjoyed the nice atmosphere between the people! Best bus driver ever and a lovely tour assistant! Thank you so much Vince and Hannah! :-)

, travelled Northern Wanderer North Island Tour on 21/11/2013

We boarded the bus as individuals, but left as a family, a fantastic way to see NZ.

, travelled on 22/10/2013

Don't need to try the others to know that Flying Kiwi is the best one.

, travelled on 22/10/2013

Fantastic trip. Wonderful experience travelling with Flying Kiwi family. Plenty of activities for all levels of fitness.

, travelled on 22/10/2013

Freakyyy awesome!!!

, travelled on 22/10/2013

Best month of my life!

, travelled Grand Traverse - Auckland to Queenstown tour on 22/10/2013

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