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Thanks to Rob and April this experience was the most enjoyable that I ever had. The camps were everywhere in perfect locations and the choice of activities was great!

Posted by from , travelled on 10/01/2013

Must be the best way to see New Zealand

Posted by from , travelled on 22/12/2012

Majestic landscape, good company, unforgettable experience

Posted by from , travelled on 20/12/2012

Flying Kiwi enhanced my hot time in New Zealand

Posted by from , travelled on 08/12/2012

Sweet-as! Great experience with mixture of cultures, ages and personalities – takes expertise and patience to pull it off

Posted by from , travelled on 15/12/2012

…an awesome, unforgettable trip in the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen!  Thanks Rachel & Joel and our perfect group!!

Posted by from , travelled on 07/12/2012

It was a very awesome trip with different kinds of views, various activities, various cities…….it was great that most of the people on the bus are travelling alone.  It was my first time travelling alone and with such a group and you all have made a great job – thank you.

Posted by from , travelled on 10/11/2012

The best New Zealand experience I’ve had. It is like traveling in a family, and the worst thing on the tour is when people are leaving the tour.

Posted by from , travelled on 01/12/2012

From the initial booking and subsequent correspondence to the actual holiday this whole trip has been fantastic

Posted by from , travelled on 30/11/2012

The trip has been amazing. New Zealand has everything to offer. Rob & April have been fantastic, friendly and fun. They put us guys first. I wish there were more Rob and Aprils!!

Posted by from , travelled on 09/11/2012

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