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Definitely the best holiday I have had. I am very happy to be part of the Flying Kiwi family. Awesome country, well presented by Flying Kiwi driver and guide.

, travelled on 01/01/2019

This has been a fantastic experience that we would love to do again to experience travelling with others to see New Zealand.

, travelled Grand Traverse - Auckland to Queenstown tour on 01/01/2019

Exceptional crew and fellow travelers. Amazing locations to visit that I would not have stumbled on otherwise.

, travelled Reverse Traverse - North and South Island Tour on 01/01/2019

A very valuable and enjoyable experience with many memories that we will treasure for a lifetime.

, travelled on 01/01/2019

Fantastic overall. Would recommend to like minded friends. Met some great people from many walks of life. So cool. Such a beautiful country and such a great way to see and experience it.

, travelled on 01/01/2019

I had a beautiful time, with amazing and awesome people! Frankie and Robbie John made this trip so special and lovely.

, travelled on 01/01/2019

Im really glad I joined the Flying Kiwi team. I had the opportunity to see lots of different places by both walking and travelling by bus and to have fun and know things about both NZ and other countries (by meeting people from all over the world and talking to them). I'd definitely do it again!

, travelled Northern Light North Island Tour on 01/01/2019

It was a great experience. Never went camping before but have definitely started to love it. Will do more camping in the future.

, travelled Southern Light South Island Tour on 01/01/2019

Thanks for an unforgettable time in New Zealand. It's a beautiful country I wish to visit again.

, travelled on 01/01/2019

One of the best trips I've ever been on so far in my life, best tour driver and guide, super friendly people.

, travelled Northern Light North Island Tour on 01/01/2019

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