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The trip was the best time that I've ever had!

, travelled on 29/04/2018

“Having never been on such a trip I really didn’t know what to expect. I have to say it turned out to be the best time of my adult life. I didn’t imagine for one moment that you could put 20 plus people on a bus and everyone get on. I understand you only get out of something what you put into it but you have two stars Shannon and Tom as part of your team. Such a gear pair. Really good fun, organised, kept us lot inline and really made what could of been a good experience an amazing one. Flying kiwi from my perspective and through talking with some less fortunate travelers on other tours have got it right. The camping, food, transport and trips/ adventures are all spot on. I really hope to join the bus in the future.”

, travelled on 21/02/2018

A big THANK YOU to Shan n Tom, such a fun and talented couple with a gift for making it all happen so that everyone's varied interests and experiences are not just fulfilled, but most likely go beyond their wildest expectations !

, travelled on 22/02/2018

The best time of my life! Had an amazing time . Saw some amazing things and met some amazing people who are now friends for life. Our guides Robbie-John and Bente weee just simply the best. We started as a group of strangers and ended up one big happy family x

, travelled on 13/02/2018

No words can describe how incredible this tour was! From having amazing tour guides (Robbie-John and Bente/ Genna and Ginna), to the beautiful people I met from across the globe, to the breathtaking campsites and awesome activities! I loved this tour so much that I added the Reverse Traverse whilst on tour!!! My favourite activity was the She's A Lady sailing in the Bay of Islands, but every day was filled with fun because of the people on tour. Thank you so so much Flying Kiwi for giving me the best month of my life!!!

, travelled Southern Light South Island Tour on 18/02/2018

I really enjoyed it, and it would easily be one of the best things I have ever done.

, travelled Summer Blast South Island Tour on 15/12/2017

Incredible experience as a solo traveller, getting to meet fellow like-minded travellers from all around the world and do the most amazing outdoor adventure activities.

, travelled Wild West South Island Tour on 24/12/2017

Travelling with Flying Kiwi was more than travelling with friends than tour guides. Sharing cooking duties with other travelers helps to make new friends & get everyone talking.

, travelled on 30/01/2018

We had a wonderful time and came here for a honeymoon. We cannot wait to come back and do the North Island! The cabin upgrades are beautiful and we would happily do it again!

, travelled Summer Blast South Island Tour on 02/01/2018

Such a great opportunity to explore this beautiful island in a fun & adventurous way. Loved the team spirit & people.

, travelled Summer Blast South Island Tour on 05/02/2018

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