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It was a great time, everyone helped each other and had fun (even when it was wet)

, travelled on 02/01/2020

Great way to meet people from all over the world

, travelled Northern Wanderer North Island Tour on 03/01/2020

I had a fantastic time on my tour with Flying Kiwi. I got to see and experience NZ beautiful nature and our guides always had a story or joke ready about the places we got to see so the atmosphere in the group was very good.

, travelled Northern Wanderer North Island Tour on 03/01/2020

I had an awesome time, great way to see the country.

, travelled on 02/01/2020

I'm really happy that I chose FK. I made friends for life. I enjoyed every single minute. The staff is super sweet. Overall I'm smiling.

, travelled on 02/02/2020

I'm glad that I chose Flying Kiwi to show me around New Zealand for the first time - and to became a part of that family for 28 days.

, travelled on 02/01/2020

The mixed ages of the tour group made for a great trip and very different to travelling I've done before. Also, as the biggest solo travelling trip I've done so far it was a great experience, massively helped by Aaron and Tara being so organized, always helping us and being a lot of fun to have as leaders of the tour. Thank you!

, travelled Hot Rocks New Zealand North Island Tour on 07/12/2019

All good :) :) :)

, travelled on 02/01/2020

I did the ultimate explorer tour with Lea and Robbie John. It was absolutely amazing, I loved every minute of it! Really complete tour on both islands with magnificent hikes, mountainbiketracks and stunning views. Organisation was perfect with great tourguide and driver, beautiful campsites and good food! Perfect if you like outdoor traveling with a lot of activities, but easy to adjust to your own comfort and a good way to make a lot of friends! I absolutely recommend it!!

, travelled on 19/10/2019

We did a TON of research before booking and picked Flying Kiwi because it was the best value. But on top of a great value, it was so much more.Honestly, this is the best way to see New Zealand. We did the 21 day Overland Explorer tour. It was hassle free and completely enjoyable. You are able to tailor your trip by picking your unique excursions in each place. You can do ANYTHING from endless hiking and biking to adrenaline fix’s like skydiving and bungie jumping! The tour is extremely organized day to day, so you get everywhere on the north and south island with enough time to enjoy it. There are more than 30 meals included (up to 3 per day) and they are well prepared in the commercial kitchen (and delicious). The bus is really comfortable and allows you to sit back and relax to enjoy the jaw dropping scenery of New Zealand. All of the camping equipment is provided and is of sound quality. We also added bikes to our tour so we were able to take advantage of the scenic bike trails in each locale (this is really a must do, so worth it). Many of the camp sites were epic and we would have never sought them out if planning on our own. I would highly recommend Flying Kiwi to anyone visiting New Zealand! We wish we could have stayed longer with the tour, we didn’t want to leave and will definitely be back!

, travelled Overland Explorer Tour on 23/10/2019

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