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The whole trip has been an amazing experience. New Zealand is a beautiful country. The trip was so well organised with so many incredible activities. I would highly recommend Flying Kiwi.

, travelled on 13/11/2015

It was an amazing trip! I saw places I most likely couldn't have seen if I had travelled just by myself. Awesome tour guides, great people, so many great activities to choose from and excellent food!

, travelled on 13/11/2015

It was an awesome month with many experiences and funny people from all over the world!

, travelled on 13/11/2015

Fantastic trip, amazing scenery, full range of activities catering to all adrenalin levels together with knowledgeable and friendly tour guides.

, travelled Reverse Traverse - North and South Island Tour on 13/11/2015

An amazing trip! I would do it all again in a heartbeat!

, travelled Grand Traverse - Auckland to Queenstown tour on 13/11/2015

This journey has exceeded my expectations! Shannon and Tom were fun and informative allowing for a beautiful experience. You should sell your cookbook and I will be the first to purchase it! Loved every day of this journey. If I come back to NZ I will book Flying Kiwi again!

, travelled Grand Traverse - Auckland to Queenstown tour on 13/11/2015

Amazing experiences all over the tour meeting lovely people and this beautiful country!

, travelled on 13/11/2015

I had an amazing time on this tour! It was so much better than I was expecting. You cultivated such a great community feeling among all the travelers, the meals were awesome, the guides were amazing and so hard working. I had so much fun on this tour and will definitely recommend Flying Kiwi to friends!

, travelled Grand Traverse - Auckland to Queenstown tour on 13/11/2015

I travelled a lot all around the world and NZ is one of my favourites. You have it all in one country. People are lovely. Flying Kiwi with Tom and Shan was so fun! I really felt I haven't missed anything on my trip. Thanks for that!

, travelled on 13/11/2015

It was the first time here in NZ and it was such a brilliant introduction to the land and the people, plus great guides and a lovely group to travel with! Cannot wait to come back!

, travelled Hot Rocks New Zealand North Island Tour on 06/11/2015

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