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Daily hikes to break up the drives, great leaders, fantastic food/cooking system, nice variety of destinations... 10/10 Fantastic time!

, travelled Reverse Traverse - North and South Island Tour on 22/12/2015

The whole experience was amazing and the perfect way to see NZ for a solo traveller. Loved the Flying Kiwi family, outdoors, active, camping fun type trip!

, travelled Wild West South Island Tour on 18/12/2015

Great to travel in a group with all nice people! Beautiful country! I saw the most beautiful landscapes! Awesome!!

, travelled on 18/12/2015

Awesome tour guides! Great camping at ridiculously scenic locations! Fantastic food! Even better company! I loved the mixture of ages and nationalities where everyone enjoyed the outdoor activities, like a summer camp for adults :D I'll be back!

, travelled on 18/12/2015

I enjoyed the whole trip! Awesome!

, travelled on 18/12/2015

Canyoning, Routeburn Track, the "community" in this group... Great!

, travelled on 18/12/2015

Great! Wouldn't change a thing! For me the best memories were the unexpected ones, the ones where you suddenly stopped for a second, looked around you and realised that you were in a breathtaking place with a group of people who you'd just met and you already felt entirely comfortable in their presence.

, travelled on 16/12/2015

I am really happy that I decided to do this trip. The food provided was great, the group was amazing and the two leaders (Shan and Tom) were just awesome!

, travelled Reverse Traverse - North and South Island Tour on 22/12/2015

It's taken a while to take time out to write this review. One word to describe this experience "epic".. Hands down..One of the best adventures I have gone on. Canada was on the top of my list as the best country to visit but New Zealand took it by storm once completing this great experience.Between all the adrenaline activities, the tremendous group of friends you make, sleeping under the stars and back with mother nature, there is no doubt in my mind that I would certainly recommend this tour to anyone. Some people question going with a tour group and this was my first. This tour suits any age group and you will make friends for life. Kim and Tom were excellent guides and went beyond their call of duty... Many thanks for such wonderful memories and an awesome trip!!!.

, travelled Summer Blast South Island Tour on 07/02/2015

Flying Kiwi Adventure Tours is 100% worth of being recommended! I had such an amazing time on my Ultimate Explorer Trip. Not only because New Zealand is a pretty awesome and beautiful country but definitely also because of all Flying Kiwi staff and fellow passenger. My tour guide and driver were just hilarious funny, always had a good story to tell. Felt really well informed about everywhere we drove past or stopped and at all times safe and looked after (if I wanted to, there was enough free time to just hang out and have a discover tour by my own). Also big thanks to the wonderful office team for organizing and answering questions at any time. I really enjoyed the camping, especially the bush camps (even if I wasn't a huge camping fan at the beginning). Also all hiking options and bike rides were really great- just imagine going for a hike really early in the morning to see an amazing sunrise! Besides I tried a lot of adrenalin activities- sky diving, canyoning, buggy and so on. All in all I enjoyed it really much and am now missing the early starts, cook groups and bonfire talks with my Flying Kiwi family. If I could go back and join a tour again, I would not hesitate for one second. Thank you really much for this life time experience and memories!!

, travelled on 11/01/2015

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