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Great way to see every Kiwi corner of the country at a pace which is not too exhausting but not a stroll either!

, travelled on 31/03/2015

My first New Zealand tour experience and a great success it was!! Loved it!!

, travelled Northern Light North Island Tour on 27/03/2015

Shannon and Tommy were prime examples of what tour guides need to be! They offer a mix of knowledge and humor to keep our attention. Great performance!

, travelled on 18/03/2015

Probably the best vacation I had so far!! :)

, travelled on 01/03/2015

Amazing!! Good organisation and a general welcome feeling that the tour gives you!

, travelled Wild West South Island Tour on 16/03/2015

I had an amazing time!! Flying Kiwi is a great and safe way to travel!

, travelled Southern Light South Island Tour on 09/03/2015

Great way of seeing a lot of New Zealand in a short period of time! I met lots of new friends. Awesome experience!!

, travelled Grand Traverse - Auckland to Queenstown tour on 09/03/2015

Flying Kiwi's performance was just brilliant! So good to travel with like-minded people! We were really lucky with our group! I've made some good friends and have new places to go on holiday now! Thanks xxx

, travelled Grand Traverse - Auckland to Queenstown tour on 09/03/2015

One of the best trips I've done with the most awesome tour guides!! Great food and awesome company on the bus! A real big family feel full of adventure!!!

, travelled on 18/03/2015

It was just an amazing time and so much fun! Worth every dollar I paid! Every day was just an unforgettable experience!!!

, travelled on 18/03/2015

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