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, travelled on 01/03/2015

I had a fantastic time! The guides are excellent and the other people on the tour were amazing! This tour attracks similar people and is so much fun!! It was sad to leave!!

, travelled on 22/03/2015

I love the country, the people I travelled with and Tommy and Shannon were amazing! I had the best time ever!!

, travelled on 22/03/2015

I had the most amazing time with the most amazing people and the most amazing guides!! Every aspect was all I expected and more. I am really sad to be leaving the tour! Thanks guys! :)

, travelled on 13/03/2015

This trip was the best option to see as much of the country as possible in 28 days! Overall a very good operation from Flying Kiwi! Very happy with all options, something for everyone and all ages!

, travelled on 04/03/2015

A great trip that goes to many places with lots of activities to choose from and Flying Kiwi takes care of the driving, food and accommodation. We liked the trip, because we did not have to plan the it ourselves! Just what we were looking for!

, travelled Reverse Traverse - North and South Island Tour on 13/03/2015

Just when you thought New Zealand couldn't possibly get more beautiful, it does!! The hits just keep coming!

, travelled Summer Blast South Island Tour on 09/02/2015

Excellent trip!! Met some great people and saw amazing parts of New Zealand!

, travelled on 22/03/2015

Before finding Flying Kiwi we were planning to rent a campervan and drive it all, but we thought driving on the left, having to plan our route each day and finding food would be way too stressfull. But then I found Flying Kiwi and it made everything do-able, including getting bike rides each day which would have been too difficult with a campervan or at least very unlikely. Therefore the tour was a great way to see a lot of New Zealand and stay active doing as many of the optional activities as you want to. It's also vegetarian-friendly!

, travelled Reverse Traverse - North and South Island Tour on 13/03/2015

Flying Kiwi exceeded my expectations in every area! I was expecting average food, maybe making a friend or two and enjoying New Zealand of course, but it ended up being so much better than I first imagined!! I made friends for life (and got along with everyone), the food was excellent, the guides felt like great friends and of course New Zealand itself was so stunning and incredible!! So much variety! New Zealand has so many surprises up it's sleeve in terms of nature and unique experiences! I enjoyed the camping life so much too and the hikes and the bike rides were fantastic! Thank you for the memories I'm taking with me!! :)

, travelled on 01/03/2015

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