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Highly recommend, loved it! Just wish I could have stayed longer. Great people and great fun.

, travelled Northern Light North Island Tour on 01/04/2019

The difference between a so-so trip versus an outstanding trip is all the little details. Flying Kiwi did an amazing job of handling all the big AND small things, so I could relax and enjoy the trip.

, travelled Hot Rocks New Zealand North Island Tour on 01/04/2019

Travelling with Flying Kiwi was so much better than expected. I've had a great time! The enthusiasm of the guides was great and very motivating to ensure we didn't miss anything. A truly action packed adventure!

, travelled Northern Wanderer North Island Tour on 01/04/2019

Easily the best trip I've been on. Not just for the itinerary but also the company I had going on this trip.

, travelled Summer Blast South Island Tour on 01/04/2019

The trip was just amazing. I was always fun with the guides and the people on tour. Everything was well organised. Food was good, always enough and healthy. Frankie and Robbie John have both amazing personalities. Both guides really cared about everyone and tried to solve problems so that everyone can have a great time.

, travelled on 01/03/2019

I loved it and would do it all again. It's a unique experience and everyone I met on the trip was amazing. I'll be coming back for a trip to the South Island.

, travelled Northern Wanderer North Island Tour on 01/03/2019

Brilliant value for money! Great, welcoming tour guides. Loved all the incredible places we visited and stayed at. An unforgettable experience.

, travelled on 01/03/2019

Flying Kiwi has been a great experience. The organisation each day, the effortless (seemingly) ability to keep to schedule meant it was a stress free experience. I have seen the places I wanted to see and more and will highly recommend.

, travelled on 01/03/2019

I've spend over a year of my life travelling, usually solo and this is my favorite 4 weeks.

, travelled on 01/03/2019

Such an amazing way to see New Zealand and do so many fun activities. Becca was such a great guide and always made sure we knew what was coming up the next day. What activities we could do and making amazing meals! The best 4 weeks with a great group of people from all over the world.

, travelled on 01/03/2019

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