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Awesome!! I will definitely come back and do the North Island with Flying Kiwi as well!!

, travelled Summer Blast South Island Tour on 08/02/2015


, travelled Northern Light North Island Tour on 09/02/2015

A great way to see a beautiful country!!

, travelled Northern Light North Island Tour on 09/02/2015

An excellent way to travel and not have to worry about schedule and what to do. You see everything!

, travelled on 05/02/2015

The people, the food, the activities really made New Zealand one of my favorite vacations!!

, travelled on 05/02/2015

It's been an amazing 5 days in New Zealand! I've gotten the chance to visit a beautiful country and meet awesome people along the way!

, travelled Northern Light North Island Tour on 18/02/2015

I joined this tour in January, having already done the Beach It Tour to Bay of Islands a few days earlier. It was great to meet up with my new buddies and leaders Tommy & Shannon in Christchurch again for 2 weeks of full on camping. The South Island is fantastic (so is the North!) with amazing wild, driftwood covered beaches, crashing waves, towering mountains, lush green hills and plains, beautiful forests, turquoise lakes and glacial rivers. Had a fantastic time - did lots of exciting new things like tandem paragliding & hang gliding, white water rafting and sea kayaking - all of which were great fun. The camping is in amazing places - some wild and isolated, but mostly with great facilities. The camp food was seriously good - Shannon's a great cook and we took it in turns to help her create the nightly feast. A wonderful tour group as well with a good mix of ages and nationalities - we all got on well with loads of laughs and there was a great feeling of togetherness. The 'Silly Hat' night in Queenstown was a giggle. You cover a lot of miles on this tour and pack plenty in - so be prepared for the holiday of a lifetime in a country which can't be bettered. Thanks so much Flying Kiwi!

, travelled Summer Blast South Island Tour on 23/01/2015

Flying Kiwi Tours allowed me to see all of New Zealand’s highlights without the headache of organizing my own transportation and accommodation. I am usually not one to travel in groups, but the way the itinerary is designed allows for a lot of individuality within the group. Every day I was able to decide whether I wanted to hike, bike, relax, or do one of the many optional activities and I never felt like I was held back from what I wanted to do because I was traveling in a group. I am amazed that we did a full loop of both islands in 28 days. Naturally there is considerable traveling time to cover so much ground, but even the time on the bus was enjoyable because of the beautiful scenery, the information from the guides, and it was also a great time to relax from all the activity every day. The guides were amazing. They were constantly offering to help out in any way and were always making sure everyone was happy. They do a great job of managing the timing and logistics so the trip runs smoothly. Their recommendations of what foods to try, what to look for in each town, what experiences we might look for at each juncture of the trip, and all of their other suggestions and explanations to help us stay in tune with the local surroundings made it seem like we had been there before. I was very surprised by the food. I expected bulk style camping food that wouldn’t be too good and I was definitely wrong. The guides are shopping almost every day to prepare fresh, healthy and delicious dinners for us. There was not one meal I did not enjoy and the whole process brought the group together. We were split into small teams and would alternate who did the cooking and cleaning each night so everyone on the tour had a chance to contribute. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the trip was how a group of strangers could become so close and I know I will stay in touch with a lot of the people I met. We had a very international group so another bonus is I now have a place to stay in so many places around the world. If I could change one thing about the itinerary it would definitely be to make it longer. Initially I thought 28 days would be a long time, but I did not want it to end and cannot wait to come back and continue exploring NZ. Below there are two links. One is of me talking about my experience with Flying Kiwi and the other is a video of the dolphin swimming which was the highlight of my trip.

, travelled on 10/02/2015

Great trip, great guides, great experience!!

, travelled Hot Rocks New Zealand North Island Tour on 27/01/2015

Wonderful, excellent experience to meet new people & see a variety of places!!!

, travelled on 01/02/2015

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