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The weather was amazing, the New Zealand People were friendly wherever we went. New Zealand has been the best trip to date!

, travelled on 14/01/2015

Very organized, amazing trip! Tom and Kim worked well together and were very friendly. The meals were very good and varied. We covered a lot of ground in 28 days, which is what i wanted!

, travelled on 14/01/2015

I met some great guys and I've seen some amazing places! I would do it again!

, travelled Reverse Traverse - North and South Island Tour on 18/01/2015

The Ultimate Explorer Tour is awesome!! A mind-blowing and unforgettable trip!

, travelled on 18/01/2015

Great experience!!!

, travelled Southern Light South Island Tour on 05/01/2015

Awesome people and an experience I'd want to do again!

, travelled Reverse Traverse - North and South Island Tour on 18/01/2015

The tour leader and assistant were amazing! It was my first trip and honeymoon and they made it very special! Tommy and Shannon were always easy going, energetic and helpful. Would do it again with these people leading the tour!

, travelled on 14/12/2014

A seriously good time!!!!

, travelled Wild West South Island Tour on 16/12/2014

Well done! Performance of tour leader and assistant was great!

, travelled on 18/12/2014

Thanks for the great experience Flying Kiwi! It was awesome!

, travelled on 13/12/2014

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