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Great experience and only way to see the real New Zealand.

, travelled Reverse Traverse - North and South Island Tour on 04/04/2014

Had a great experience understanding the present culture on New Zealand and the previous Maori culture and how both formed a great country to visit.

, travelled Northern Wanderer North Island Tour on 27/03/2014

An unforgettable trip with a lot of adventures and beautiful sceneries that felt like I was travelling with good friends.

, travelled on 09/03/2014

Try! Try a 35km bike ride, skydiving, try to sleep in a bushcamp, be part of NZ! I will never forget this trip! PS: I think doing this trip has been one of my best decisions, it was awesome!

, travelled on 09/03/2014

Trip was amazeballs, guides were awesome, group was great... Only downside of the tour was today's hangover! On a scale of 1 to awesome... you get an awesome. Thanks for the amazing experience!

, travelled Reverse Traverse - North and South Island Tour on 12/03/2014

I really loved my experience with Flying Kiwi, the guides have been awesome and informative and even the long drives didn't feel long, I was constantly entretained!

, travelled Southern Light South Island Tour on 17/03/2014

Fun overload =)

, travelled Southern Light South Island Tour on 18/03/2014

A great way to see the real New Zealand, camp in beautiful locations, experience the diverse range of activities on offer and just have an awesome time!

, travelled on 12/03/2014

Really great experience!

, travelled on 12/03/2014

Short trip (5 days) for me, but had a great time!

, travelled Northern Light North Island Tour on 21/05/2014

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