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  • A 'foodie's' paradise - Queenstown

A 'foodie's' paradise - Queenstown

A 'foodie's' paradise - Queenstown

Queenstown by Night Photo taken by: Dave Bonskill (Flying Kiwi Traveller)

A 'foodie's' paradise - Queenstown

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You may have heard of the famous little town that is Queentown. Residing at the Southern end of the South Island and resting on the shores of Lake Wakatipu it is a paradise to many.

Mostly known as the Adventure Capital of the world and a perfect base for winter, it is also home to a number of delicious treats, wholesome goodness, massive burgers and really good coffee! 

It really is a foodies heaven! Follow on to see what you need to try when you visit this incredible place!

Ferg burger

Ferg Burger

Now this place is so famous that you may have already heard about it before you have even stepped foot in New Zealand. The one of a kind (not a franchise), one and only ferg burger. It all starts with the size of the burger alone! these bad boys are literally the size of my face! They are HUGE! I wouldn't even recommend getting fries (although they are delicious! and so are the onion rings!) because the burger alone is enough to satisfy. So the main question that goes around is what is it that makes these burgers so good, surely a burger is just a burger right? wrong! Ferg Burger have taken every aspect about what makes a burger good, pulled them all together and boomfa! Come up with this incredible creation, feeding the people of Queenstown since the year 2000. An example of the menu; Chief Wiggum - pork belly, crackling, hash brown, Apple saucey goodness and salad - My favourite! Cock-a-doodle-oink - butterfly crumbed chicken breast with bacon and avocado! Little Bambi - Venison patty with plum chutney, salady greens and delictable sauces! just to name a few, and they also cater for the vege and the gluten free. Winner

Ferg Baker

Ferg Baker

Ferg Baker is the brother of Ferg Burger and is conveniently right beside it! For all things savoury, sweet and fresh bread loaves! Highlights include - Jalapeno cheese bagel served warm with cream cheese, hello breakfast! Apple pie - the biggest most perfect looking slice of pie you can ever imagine! Fresh bread - baked fresh everyday and filling the streets early morning of deliciousness - pick up a whole loaf or have it sliced to go, doesnt get fresher than that! Pies! If you have been in NZ for a little while you should have noticed that we love a good pie! Savoury i'm talking. And these guys nail them! With handmade in house pastry thats perfectly cooked and flakey with amazing fillings such as; Lamb & Kumara, Pork Belly & Apple, Thai Chicken & Beef cheek. My oh my i love a good pie! Definitely worth the drop by..

TacoMedic Tacos 3

Taco Medic

Cookie time cafe

Cookie time Cafe

Cookie Time. A delicious, generous sized cookie that is perfectly hard on the outside and perfectly soft and chewy on the inside, win win! Pick up a freshly baked one here (still wram) with a cold glass of milk for the classic experience or try one of there more interesting treats from the menu including; ice cream cookie sandwich, smore flavored shake with cookie crumbles and cream on top! You really have to see it to belive it! The cookies also come in different flavours and are also available to purchase in bucket sizes! A great up beat atmosphere and a instagram haven!

Vudu cafe larder

Vudu Cafe & Larder

Yonder Raspberry lemon tart

Yonder Bar & Cafe

Flame bar Grill

Flame Bar & Grill

Winnies Gourmet pizza bar

Winnies Gourmet Pizza Bar

Patagonia ice creamery chocolates

Patagonia Ice Creamery & Chocolates