As well as getting to visit an amazing country for 4 weeks and getting the opportunity to take part in some pretty epic activities, it's not all about 'what' you are doing, but 'who' you get to do it with. The people that you get to meet and spend this time with, is sometimes what really makes the trip...

 I must say the best memory I have with Flying Kiwi are the people. Not just the Kiwis and of course my awesome tour guides Shannon and Tom, but the 20 to 30 people from 15 different countries that joined us along our 4 week journey. The comradery that happens when a group of people live together, pitch tents together, prepares food together, eats together, listens to each other's stories and supports each other only happens when you are part of a family. I would say the average age of the group on my tour was 20 to 30 years of age. I was 2 months shy of my 71st birthday but felt 21 again at the end of the journey. Some of us still follow each other on Facebook. OH, I also enjoyed the sand-boarding, whitewater rafting level 5, the 15,000 foot tandem skydive, hang-gliding, the caves with the glow worms (keep your mouth closed when doing this), watching the dolphins and the whales, the Shotover-Jet experience, etc., AND HOW COULD I FORGET TO MENTION THE 134 METER BUNGEE JUMP (440 feet for us Yanks). I know, I'm bragging now. "AN EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME!" - Bob Weinreich, Flying Kiwi Memory


 As you know, going around NZ for a month involves a bit of time spent on the road. I am forever grateful for my group's affinity for 90s through current pop music. We sang through the long stretches. hahaha I couldn't have been with a group more suitable to my style of travel and music. And if that's not enough, I just love how REAL people are on an outdoor trip involving many nights of camping. People crawl out of their tents in the morning and one gets to see who they really are at that time of day. Grouchy, sleepy, quiet, chatty, desperate for their coffee to kick in, hungry, not hungry, super duper perky--we had it all! And I loved it. Real people. Real experiences. - Laura Jamison, Flying Kiwi Memory


 We were lucky enough to round off an amazing travel experience with a couple of weeks a la Flying Kiwi. We loved it. The people were ace - to get together with a bunch of fabulous people of all ages, to laugh and laugh and laugh, to see amazing places and do wonderful things. We loved the canyon boat trip, the horse riding and the brewery. The sea fishing trip with the family-with-zero-sea-legs was particularly memorable. But some of the simplest things were our favourites - the bike rides, the running, swimming in that freezing but oh-so-pure lake and the beer-garitas. We'd love to be back again some day – Ali Moore, Flying Kiwi Memory