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  • New Zealand Slang for your kiwi tour

New Zealand Slang for your kiwi tour

New Zealand Slang for your kiwi tour

Kiwi bird - New Zealand National Icon Photo taken by: (Flying Kiwi Traveller)

New Zealand Slang for your kiwi tour

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In New Zealand, we like to think that we speak English, but to others, they may have a hard time agreeing to that. Here's a few of the best New Zealand Slang words that may help you out before you touch down in Middle Earth and join your Flying Kiwi adventure tour.


Don't get confused here, New Zealanders are genuinely referred to as "Kiwi's" not the fruit, but the Native Bird, which is New Zealand's National icon. We are very proud to call ourselves Kiwi's

"Hey, whats your nationality?"

"I'm a Kiwi! I'm from New Zealand"

Sweet As

This phrase is used commonly across the whole country by anyone and everyone, probably one of the top said phrases in New Zealand!

It is basically our way of saying; I can confirm that everything you are proposing is fine by me.

"Hey can i borrow your bike tomorrow?"

"Yeah man, sweet as"


Basically short for Brother, but used as a term of endearment for a close friend, usually a male friend, and used a hell of a lot by every bloke out there.

"Hey bro, wanna go for a beer?"

"yeah bro! sounds awesome!"


A Jandal is a type of summer footwear which originated from the 'Japanese Sandal'. A very common piece of the summer outfit here in NZ and for some, maybe the winter outfit as well, if you're that hardcore!

Now, if you're from the northern hemisphere you would refer to them as flip-flops, or if you're Australian - thongs (which is even weirder!)

"Grab your Jandals and lets go to the beach!"


Now I know exactly what you're thinking on this one, what is it and where the bloody hell did it originate from!?

Well "togs" down here is the kiwi slang for "swimming costume" How we got from swimming costume to togs - I can't tell you, but what I can tell you is that ever since I was a wee one it was always togs

"bring your togs, we're going swimming!"

Chilly Bin

This ones a bit easier to figure out, especially if you like beers and you like them cold. Yes, a chilly bin is what you may also know as a 'cool box' or an 'eski'

"Grab the chilly bin bro, I just got us a box of Speights to take to the party tonight"

Yeah - nah

This one is a bit more technical to get your head around. Basically us Kiwi's are just too polite to come out with just a straight no, so we like to soften it up a bit by leading in like we want to.. but then ending it in a no

"Hey do you want to go on a date with me?"

"...Yeeaaahh - nah"


Our way of saying thanks! A relaxed alternative of cheers. Not used by everyone, but you'll definitely hear it whilst you're here.

"Just dropped your lunch off as you forgot it this morning"

"Chur my bro"


This word is literally used 'heaps' in New Zealand and is the meaning for 'A lot' 

"that looks like heaps of fun!"


Pronounced 'Ay'. Similar meaning to 'don't you agree?'

"That feed was good, eh?"


Literally in the middle of nowhere

"Tom? yeah he lives out in the wop-wops"


Pretty happy and chuffed about something

"I'm so stoked i have work off for New Years"


Corner store selling day-to-day essentials including milk, newspapers, dollar lolly bags, Cookie Times and choccy-flavoured Primo.

“I’m going to the dairy to grab some milk.”


Wellingtons/wellies/rubber boots. There is even a gumboot throwing contest in New Zealand! 

“I’ll wear my gumboots in the garden.”


A widely popular fruit with a bit of a tart taste to it. It takes a while to get used to but is delicious. Don’t disrespect the feijoa though, they are worshipped by Kiwis.

“Can I pick some feijoas off your tree?”