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  • There is more to New Zealand than just great cycling

There is more to New Zealand than just great cycling

There is more to New Zealand than just great cycling

Cycling the Karangahape Gorge, Coromandel NZ Photo taken by: Cuemotion (Flying Kiwi Traveller)

There is more to New Zealand than just great cycling

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So you enjoy cycling? Great! So do we, that’s why we’ve created the ultimate New Zealand adventure trip that incorporates the best of all worlds. A generous mixture of cycling options, adventure activities, hiking and scenery wow moments.

For many, cycling is a way of life. Here at Flying Kiwi, adventure is a way of life. That's why when on tour with us there is never too much of one thing - but many special moments of a lot of things.

Are you looking for an adventure travel experience or activity holiday that is big on variety, offering flexibility in what you do from day to day? Then you need to join us on one of our NZ adventures.

Read on for more on the variety of activities and experiences New Zealand can offer you.

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Whether you enjoy the speed and distance covered by road cycling, the twists, turns and challenges of bike parks or being at one with nature on our many cycle trails, cycling in New Zealand really does have something for everyone. Almost half of Flying Kiwi travellers will hire a bike as we carry 12 bikes and take up to 26 people on any one tour. Often when couples or friends are travelling together one will prefer to cycle more than the other, perfect! With Flying Kiwi’s unique pick up and drop off system, cycle for as little or as long as our day of adventure timetable allows.

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Where do we start?! From one great National park to the other that’s where! As we travel around this beautiful country, we take you to the best walking and hiking tracks around. From a 20 minute walk to multi day hikes the New Zealand landscape won't let you down. While we're travelling from one great destination to the other, sit back and relax, when we get to the start of the next walk it’s time to grab your water bottle, slip into your runners, pop your camera in your pocket and get one with nature. 

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New Zealanders are an adventurous bunch and we do like the excitement of scaring ourselves silly! If you like to leave your stomach at the top of the ledge while you throw yourself into the abyss with a large elastic band being the only thing tethering your life to this world, then have we got what you want! Now that’s not for everyone so don’t worry, when it comes to activities I’m pretty sure New Zealand has almost anything you can think of.

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What some people will call epic scenery others may think it's nice but nothing special. That's true for most things but not when it comes to New Zealand scenery!! We are passionate about this stunning country of ours and our objective here at Flying Kiwi is to share the Real New Zealand in all it's stunning and natural beauty. From epic alpine passes, serene lakes, majestic mountains and powerful coastlines, keep your camera ready because you're going to need it! Prepared to be wowed by the epic scenery that is New Zealand.